Hybrid Glass

Three years ago it became clear that the future (or at least one of the futures) of the smartphone will be connected augmented reality glasses. And then Google announced their glasses giving weight to the prediction. However, today, as I write these lines, there are still no easily available devices.
To experiment the near future and to be ready when AR phones will become mainstream we have decided to “build” our own.

The contraption elements are:
- an Epson Moverio head-up display device. This wifi enabled device runs gingerbread Android.
- a Samsung galaxy S3 mini smartphone. This is the smallest full featured android phone we found.
- a clamp, strong tape, etc. to interlock the two android devices.

How it works:
The Epson Moverio is connected to the internet via wifi. If there is no wifi around the S3 mini is configured in portable hotspot mode. This ensures that both devices are always connected.
The app for our “hybrid glass” has 2 parts: one running on the head-up display, another one on the smartphone. The smartphone has all the sensors and does most of the job before sending what and where to display to glasses.

All in all, our hybrid glass device is similar to a Google Glass, just binocular and with a wider display area. A little bit bulkier and heavier too…

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